Sole Agent / Brand Distributor

Euro brings the world’s leading professional lighting brands to clients in Hong Kong & Macau.

Our Strengths

By using latest software and advance presentation techniques and working with world-class principal & lighting experts, we offer consummate and professional Total Lighting Solution to clients, from optical design, casing design, components selection, integrating technology to QA and product supply. We ensure our products to achieve professional standard to fulfill customers’ required performance in both technical and quality aspects.

One-stop Total Lighting Solution

Lighting Simulation

Work out computer-aided-lighting calculation by using latest data to demonstrate lighting results in compliance with specified illuminance value (lux)

Product Supply

Offer full range of professional lighting products and systems, from customs-made to regular items




Product Development

Quality Assurance

Conduct various tests by accredited Lab to meet clients’ requirement

After-sales service

  • FAT & on-site SAT
  • Up to 5-years Warranty / Defect Liability Period
  • Testing & Commissioning assistance

Contact Us

(+852) 2892 0000